Why there are problems with erection and how to regain potency at any age

The health and well-being of male potency depend on many factors. Here are a few aspects that can form the basis of problems with potency:

  1. Psychoemotional state. Stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional states can have a negative impact on the erection function.
  2. Lifestyle. Irregular diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and nicotine consumption can lead to problems with blood circulation and, as a result, to erectile dysfunction.
  3. Physical health. A number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and obesity, can have a negative impact on the function of erection, as they affect the condition of blood vessels and circulation.
  4. Hormonal balance. Disorders in the hormonal balance, including low testosterone levels, can lead to a decrease in libido and problems with potency. This is a very common problem that some men do not take into account.
  5. Age-related changes. With age, hormone levels may decrease, and this may affect sexual function.
  6. Psychological factors. Negative experiences in the past, low self-esteem, sexual fears and complexes can also affect the ability to get an erection.

The uniqueness of each person lies in the fact that these factors can interact and vary in significance for each specific case. Solving problems with potency often requires a comprehensive approach, including consultation with a doctor, taking measures to improve the psycho-emotional state, lifestyle correction and, if necessary, medication.

How to return to normal potency?

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