Month: November 2022

How to overcome age-related changes in the intimate sphere?


Did you know that the structure of the vaginal wall is based on the substances collagen and elastin, which give it elasticity?

With age, these substances change their structure and the vaginal mucosa loses elasticity. Because of this, excessive stretching, lowering of the vaginal walls, dryness and atrophy of the mucous membrane, decreased sensitivity and even a change in the position of the urethra, leading to urinary incontinence, may occur.⠀

Laser therapy of the vagina is a recognized and effective method […]

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Application of modern minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of breast cancer (signal lymph node biopsy, scintigraphy)

More than 43% of Medical City visitors are patients from other regions and countries, which indicates a high level of medicine in Russia, and in Tyumen in particular. Every year, guests from Belarus, China, Austria, Ukraine and other countries come to the “Medical City” to undergo treatment for a variety of diseases, including breast cancer.

Why do they choose “Medical City”? A special place is given here to the use of minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of oncological diseases.

General information […]

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  DNA diagnostics

DNA diagnostics is a technologically complex procedure, since we are talking about the study of microscopic structures. This is reading information from a double-stranded DNA strand, i.e. decoding information encoded in DNA, which consists of genes located in chromosomes, as well as searching and detecting broken, “defective” areas in the human genetic code.

What problem does it solve?

DNA diagnostics is ideal for detecting hidden, asymptomatic and chronically occurring infections.

with the help of DNA analysis, you can learn about diseases that have […]

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