Month: October 2022

Application of radionuclide diagnostics (PET/CT, SPECT, scintigraphy) in cardiovascular, nephrological, endocrinological and other pathologies

Radiation and nuclear diagnostics are the main methods used to make an accurate diagnosis in the early stages. Modern Russian medicine is not limited to X-ray examination alone, it offers foreign guests the most modern methods of radionuclide diagnostics: PET/CT, SPECT and scintigraphy.

PET/CT diagnostics in Russia

PET/CT (PET/CT) is the most effective method of diagnosing oncological diseases. The technique combines positron emission and computed tomography, so it allows you to visualize tumors from 8 mm in diameter.


For the procedure, the radiopharmaceutical […]

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Cancer diagnosis

To make a diagnosis, an oncologist uses:

The patient’s clinical history, which includes the patient’s complaints, his general condition and the presence of oncological diseases in relatives.

The results of the biopsy. This is a mandatory diagnostic method in oncology, which allows you to examine the type of cells and confirms or refutes the presence of cancer.

A general blood test, which in cancer reveals an increase in ESR, an increase in the number of neutrophils and a decrease in the number of […]

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