Why there are problems with erection and how to regain potency at any age

The health and well-being of male potency depend on many factors. Here are a few aspects that can form the basis of problems with potency:

Psychoemotional state. Stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional states can have a negative impact on the erection function.
Lifestyle. Irregular diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and nicotine consumption can lead to problems with blood circulation and, as a result, to erectile dysfunction.
Physical health. A number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and obesity, can have a […]

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Deficiency of vitamins, minerals

Lack of vitamins C, E, D, group B, which help strengthen blood vessels and increase their elasticity, can lead to nosebleeds. And of course, any, even insignificant tension can provoke a rupture of the capillary.

Vitamins are needed for good functioning of the body

An unpleasant symptom occurs against the background of a deficiency of trace elements, such as potassium, calcium, copper, sodium, manganese.

Intracranial pressure

If such pressure is increased, then blood veins are regularly observed in nasal secretions. They indicate vascular damage […]

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Application of modern minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of breast cancer (signal lymph node biopsy, scintigraphy)

More than 43% of Medical City visitors are patients from other regions and countries, which indicates a high level of medicine in Russia, and in Tyumen in particular. Every year, guests from Belarus, China, Austria, Ukraine and other countries come to the “Medical City” to undergo treatment for a variety of diseases, including breast cancer.

Why do they choose “Medical City”? A special place is given here to the use of minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of oncological diseases.

General information […]

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