Pathological causes

The sources of the problem are not always so harmless. Sometimes the reasons may lie in serious pathological processes occurring in the body. They usually show themselves with rather expressive symptoms. Most often there are such problems.

Viral infections

A cold almost always starts the same way. A person is worried about a runny nose. The discharge is clear and liquid. After a few days, they are able to change their consistency and color.

With a viral or bacterial infection, green discharge is observed. Yellow or brown indicate purulent inflammatory processes. Moreover, often with a running cold, a runny nose with blood appears. This is caused by a weakening of the immune defense and thinning of the mucosa. As a result, the vessels can be spontaneously damaged.

The source of an unpleasant symptom can be not only ARVI, but also flu, bronchitis and many other viral infections.


This pathology combines several unpleasant diseases at once. The most common of them is sinusitis. It occurs against the background of infection penetration into the respiratory tract. Pathogenic microorganisms begin to multiply actively. Mucus accumulates in the sinuses.

With sinusitis, there are complaints of severe headache. The latter is significantly enhanced when tilted down. Pain and a feeling of heaviness are bothering in the area under the eyes (this is the area of the maxillary sinuses). The desire to clean the nose leads to overstrain and rupture of blood vessels.