Sensorimotor neuropathy

Another leg disease in diabetics is a violation of the transmission of nerve impulses from the legs to the brain. This complication is characterized by the fact that the patient loses the sensitivity of the legs. He can injure or burn them, get dislocated or fractured and feel nothing, since there will be no pain signal.

With diabetes, the patient may not feel pain in the legs

This condition is dangerous for the development of ulcers and wounds on the legs that go unnoticed. The result may be tissue necrosis. This set of symptoms is called diabetic foot.

Sensorimotor neuropathy is also manifested by strong and sharp (dagger) pains in the legs, often this happens at night, and a person wakes up from unbearable pain.

Pain in the legs restricts a person’s movements, which causes atrophy of muscle tissue.

Diabetics also suffer from osteoarthritis, which is characterized by an overgrowth of bone tissue. The foot is deformed, dislocations and bone fractures occur.