Visual impairment – diabetic retinopathy

This late complication of DM is associated with damage to the retinal vessels. It manifests itself in the initial stages with a slight deterioration of vision; then spots and a veil appear before the eyes. In the future, visual acuity deteriorates sharply and complete blindness often occurs.

The insidiousness of the disease is that at first it develops almost imperceptibly and painlessly.

Diabetic nephropathy

This lesion of the renal vessels – the renal glomeruli – is a late complication of DM. The disease develops slowly, at first showing no symptoms. Then there is lethargy, weakness, a nasty taste in the mouth, frequent urination. Pronounced signs occur after 15 years and later from the onset of the disease – edema, high blood pressure, signs of intoxication of the body.

Frequent urination as one of the symptoms of pathology

At this stage, the changes become irreversible, kidney failure occurs.